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SEO?! WTF!? SOS! SEO 101 For Salon Owners

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself… WTF is SEO?! Well, you are absolutely not alone! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may not be something that fascinates you enough to learn everything about, but it is important to at least know the basics and how you can utilize it to benefit your salon’s online presence. In this blog post, we are sending you the S.O.S 101 you need to better understand SEO!


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of using specific keywords to improve ranking on search engines, therefore, increasing traffic to your website. SEO involves strategically placing keywords on your website to increase ORGANIC reach and is different than paying for ads to show up the top of search engine results. This means taking content you have posted online and optimizing it with keywords and tags to ensure your posts are landing at the top of the page when people search specific terms.

When you’re looking for a restaurant to visit, you likely will Google terms like “Best restaurants in _____” or “Top rated restaurants near me”. Perhaps you will get more specific and search for sushi, burgers, or Mexican cuisine near you. If you’re looking for something in particular, you may even search “best Dynamite rolls in my city”, “local burger joint favourites”, or “#1 burritos near me”. Likely, the restaurants who best utilize SEO will pop up at the top of your Google search which immediately establishes trust with you, the searcher, making you more likely to eat at their establishment.

Now, keep in mind restaurant search, now think of how potential clients use search engines to look for salons/spas in their location. They may type “best salons in _____” or “spas with highest ratings near me.” Or maybe they will get more specific and search “Redken salons in my city” or “spas that use Eminence near me”. If they’re looking for a particular service, they might Google “blonde specialists in _____”, “barber shops near me”, or “best rated pedicure in my city”.

To best utilize SEO, you must learn key words and terms to use within your content by figuring out what your ideal clients are searching for. It is a process to get SEO practices in place and it is constantly evolving, but we’re going to give you some basics to get started. Or, if you haven’t got time to get yourself started, and want to invest in SEO tools/services, we’ve got some incredible recommendations coming right up!

Now that you know what SEO is (using common search terms and keywords within your online content to increase chances of being found higher on search engine results) we’re going to give you a few ideas of how to utilize SEO in your salon’s online content!


First off, make sure you’ve got a solid website for your salon/spa. SEO focuses on websites that are fast loading with mobile design layouts. As such, you’ll want to make you’re your website is in check before you get started on the keyword element of SEO

If you need help creating or updating your salon's website, we’ve got an S.O.S solution for that! Hit this link to read more about it!

Once you’ve established keywords and phrases for your SEO game plan, concentrate on incorporating them within titles, headings, sub-text and tags on your website. It is imperative that this text goes along with great content, so always be sure to put out quality, well thought out content. The better the content, the more it is shared and the more it appears when certain things are Googled!


As we mentioned above, quality content is your number one priority, followed by concentrated SEO. On social media, it is important to focus on bios, visuals, captions and hashtags.

We’ve got a FANTASTIC freebie up for grabs that will walk you step by step through refreshing your Instagram bio for optimized success! You can get yours here!

A basic run down for bios on social media is that you need to include your business name, what your salon or spa offers and is specialized in, where you’re located, and how to contact you. As for visuals, you need to put out content that makes your audience stop scrolling to read. Your caption needs to be inspiring, educational, promotional, or engaging. Sneak in some of your pre established keywords and phrases where they fit organically for SEO purposes. We’ve got a blog that dives more into caption writing and hashtags, give it a read by hitting this link!


Blogs are an excellent way to utilize SEO for your salon’s online marketing. Don’t you worry, we’ve got an S.O.S blog post that explains exactly how to get started on a blog for your salon/spa! Hit this link and save this resource for future reference!

As blogs are long form, you can organically include keywords and phrases within titles and text.

There are so many opportunities to incorporate SEO terms within your online text but if you really want to take your salon to the next level online, you’ll want to invest in SEO marketing tools. Lucky for you, we’ve got some incredible, affordable, S.O.S SEO tools!

SEO S.O.S. is an easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization tool created for businesses just like yours. SEO S.O.S. makes SEO simple and affordable. We will automatically scan your website and generate a step-by- step SEO plan to help you increase website traffic and search rankings. Understand the SEO actions you need to carry out to generate more business—without the need for technical expertise or a dedicated marketing staff! Click here to learn even more!

We offer a service to manage Google Ads for you and here’s how it works:

1. We create, manage and report on all aspects of your targeted keyword campaign.

2. You set your targeting and your keywords, and we do the rest

3. A perpetual stream of new clients to your salon!


We hope this SEO breakdown has provided insight as to why it is so important to utilize in today’s digital world. It has been found that 50% of Google users click on their result within 9 seconds of opening, which means if your salon’s page isn’t on the first page of the search, it will likely be overlooked.

We challenge you to start considering SEO terms when creating content for your website and social media. Once you’ve become more confident in that, consider investing in an SEO tool to level up your salon’s online fame and reap the benefits of more exposure on Google!

For your daily dose of all things digital marketing, give us a follow @salon.s.o.s on Instagram and TikTok.

‘Til next time,

Your Team at Salon S.O.S

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