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This is paid Google Ads to make sure that your salon shows up at the top of the Google rankings when people search for your keywords. 

It can be a great solution when you are still building your organic traffic.

We offer a service to manage Google Ads for you:
How does it work?

we create, manage and report on all aspects of your targeted keyword campaign.

you set your targeting and your keywords, and we do the rest

a perpetual stream of new clients to your salon!

Get more visitors with our Google Ads management service.

We’re glad you found us. Now let us help people find you.

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There is a one-time (for life) account activation fee of $150, and then you can purchase packages in increments of $100.  We would recommend a budget of $100 / month for your ads but you can choose the timeframe you want.  The good thing about Google Ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

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