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Loyalty App

Welcome to your new Rewards Program! 
Follow this Checklist for a Successful Launch

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Getting Started

Launch your Program!

You're ready to spread the word! There are a few ways we would recommend publicizing your new Reward Program to make your launch a success: 1. Print Posters for your front counter & each station 2. Link your Rewards Program to your website: Create a button or link on your salon's website that points to your Mobile Website URL Here are some examples of links: 3. Post to your Social Media Create images for Facebook and Instagram to get your client's attention. Include your Mobile Website URL so clients can sign up instantly! 4. Send an Email Blast If you already have a database of email addresses for your clients, you could send out an email blast encouraging your clients to join the program. Don't forget to include your Mobile Website URL. ***************************************************************************************************************** There you have it! We're confident that if you follow the steps laid out in this Starter Guide, you will start reaping your own rewards from introducing this program in your salon. As always, we are on this journey with you, so feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or need further assistance. -The team at Salon S.O.S.

Log in to your account and update your password

Go to:
Username: your email address
Password: 123456
To modify this password, Click ' Account' in the menu on the left. Then ' Details'. Enter a new password and press Save.

Accessing your Loyalty Program

Your new Loyalty program looks and behaves like an App, but it is actually a mobile website. This means your clients will never have to use an App Store to access your app, and the content will always be updated automatically. But if you don't download it from the App Store, then where do you find your app? Here are 4 ways to access your Loyalty Program: (Practice doing all 4!) 1. Scan the Join QR Code Your Join QR Code points to your Loyalty App, making it an easy way for most phones to access your app. ( This code was sent to you in an email) To find your code from your dashboard, click QR Codes on the left-side menu. Save your code to your computer by right clicking on the code itself and choosing ' Save Image As / Save Picture As'. Try scanning your Join QR Code with your own phone off of your computer screen. Here's a 30 second video how: Most of the newer phones only need to have the camera open and pointing at the code to capture the info in the QR code and direct them to your Loyalty site. Note: Not all phones are capable of reading a QR code with the camera. Some older phones may need a QR Code Reader to scan the QR code. (Or you can easily use one of the other options below.) You can put this code on digital and print materials to encourage clients to sign up. We recommend that you create posters for your salon that have your Join QR Code displayed prominently and place them at each station or mirror. ( For free poster templates, click here.) 2. Use Text to Join If you are subscribed to our PRO package, then you can have a dedicated phone number for your business to be able to receive Text-to-Join messages. Contact us if you are interested in this option. To find your salon's Text-to-Join phone number (once it has been activated), click on Messaging, then Text In Programs and your phone number will be found at the top left of the screen. To use this feature, simply text the keyword "JOIN" to the number provided, and you will be instantly sent an invitation to your Loyalty Program. 3. Use your Mobile Website URL to create links on your website/social media channels and more! Promoting your Mobile Website URL on your various digital channels means your Loyalty App is only a click away! We recommend you add a link to your program on the homepage of your salon's webpage, your social media pages (and About Story on Facebook), your Google My Business Profile and anywhere else you have a digital presence. If you already have a database of client emails, you can be proactive and also send out an email to your clients with this link. Find your Loyalty Program Mobile Website URL at the top of the Branding and Design tab of your dashboard. Click the link and you will be directly connected with your Loyalty Program. 4. When all else fails, type your link directly into a web browser Of course, you can always open a web browser and type your Mobile Website URL directly into the address bar. This will work on any phone and, as long as you don't make any typos, will work 100% of the time.

Welcome to your Dashboard! - Plus: Your App URL

Now that you have logged in, you are viewing your dashboard. You do not need to do anything on this page. This tab has already been customized for you with your salon info and images. You have your name at the top left, a menu of buttons along the left-hand side, and you are currently viewing the Branding & Design tab. Your dashboard will always open to this screen when you login. The important thing that you do want to take note of on this page is the Mobile Website URL: This is the link to your Loyalty App. Open an internet browser on your phone and type this address directly into the web address bar ( do not enter it into a Google search), and you will see your personalized program! This is one way to access your App. In future steps, we'll discuss easier ways. Note that images do not display properly when this link is clicked on a desktop computer. That is normal. This link is meant to be viewed on a mobile device. (Any brand).

Encourage your staff to get on board

Now that you know how to use your app, it's time to share your new program with your staff. Before launching your program, we highly recommend that you get every staff member to sign up for the program themselves by creating their own account. To make the introduction easy, we've created some additional resources to pass along to your staff. Click here to access the files. Read through the word files and edit any text that is highlighted in yellow to match your own information. Additional resources that your staff can use is our extensive FAQ page which explains all of the functionality of the app, as well as troubleshooting for common issues. Check it out here. We also recommend you prepare a written script for your staff to memorize so they know how to introduce the program to clients, and get them to practice with each other. Every client should be asked "Do you have our Rewards App?" upon checkout. PRO TIP: If you want to add a little excitement to the launch, you could host a challenge to see which stylist can sign up the most clients in the first month (record tallies manually). Or you could set a salon objective, and if you reach it, hold a party! Giving your team incentives to participate will lead to faster results.

Earning Stamps

Scan the code, earn a stamp! Watch this 1 minute video for the step-by-step: (Note: in 2020, the verbage "punch" was changed to "stamp".) When doing Multiple Stamps, click the green bar at the bottom. You will be prompted to enter the number of stamps plus your Multipunch Security Code. (Step #6) Press Enter, and then proceed with the scan as you would in the steps above. If for some reason the QR Code is not scanning properly, you may also choose to enter the punches manually, using your Fallback code. Click QR Not Working? Click Here. Enter your Fallback Code and the number of stamps. If giving more than 1 stamp, the Multipunch Security Code will also be required. Press Enter. The stamps will be added to the account.

Redeeming Rewards

When a client has collected enough stamps to qualify for a reward, they will see a button appear beside the reward that says " Take". They may choose to keep collecting stamps if they wish to save up for a different reward. Therefore, they will see a Take button next to all of the Rewards that they are eligible for. EG: To Redeem a Reward, the client simply clicks on the Take button of the Reward they would like to use. (They may do this at any time, even if they are not in the salon.) When the button is pressed, they will see this confirmation screen: The client is directed back to their Stamp Card. The stamps they redeemed have been subtracted from their total. The client can then click on the My Rewards tab in the App to view their Rewards. The Rewards available are listed in this tab and have a button next to each that says Redeem. When they select Redeem, they will be instructed that if they press Redeem again, they will have 5 minutes to show their Reward to your staff in order to receive it. A timer counts down 5 minutes and they are instructed to show their screen to a staff member. When either the timer runs out, or the Back button is pressed, the Reward will disapear completely. There is no way that a client could share this Reward with another person, or use it twice. Hence, they must Redeem their Reward when they are in the salon.

Ways to earn Stamps

Your Stamp Code allows clients to collect stamps upon each visit. You can gain this stamp by either scanning your QR code, or by manually entering a numbered code. This next section will show you where to find these codes: 1. QR Code To find your QR Stamp Code, click Loyalty Programs, then Create/Edit Programs on the left-side menu. Next click the Edit button associated with your program. This screen shows you the details of your Loyalty Program. For now, just scroll down the page until you see the QR code. Save it to your computer by right clicking on the code and choosing 'Save Image As / Save Picture As'. 2. Fallback Code Scroll up to the next section titled Fallback Code. You will see a 3-digit Code. Record this code somewhere safe. We will come back to it in the next step. The last code we will collect from this tab is the Multipunch Security Code. This is the code you will need any time you want to give a client more than one punch at the same time. Scroll up to the top of the page and find the section called Multipunch Security Code. By default, the code is 123. We recommend that you change this code to your own number (Do Not change the first 2 codes we collected). Type in the code you wish to use and then scroll to the bottom of the page and press Save. Now that you understand where to find these codes, we have made a document for you (that was sent by email) titled QR Stamp Sheet for Reception which contains all of these codes, so you can keep it handy at the cash for easy use. (If you have not received this document, please reach out and we will make one for you.) We highly recommend that you LAMINATE this paper so you won't need to replace it often due to wear and tear. And remember, this code is for your staff's use only, so keep it safe behind the desk and always stay with the client when they are scanning the code.

Save your Loyalty App to your phone and Register your account

The first time you visit your program a pop-up window with instruct you how to save your app to the home screen of your phone for easy future access. Here's a cheat sheet: **We recommend that you help your customers add the App to their homescreen when they are in the salon. Next, create your profile by Registering your account: In your app, below the Menu buttons, you will see 2 links: Register and Sign In. Register your new account by pressing the Register button and entering the required info. When you are logged in, the 2 links become My Account and Sign Out. The app will typically keep you signed in, but if you notice that the links say Register | Sign In again, simply click Sign In and enter either the email or telephone number you used to register.