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Beauty Salon Loyalty App Detailed

  • Salon S.O.S. needs your logo, business colors, basic business information, and your beauty salon loyalty app parameters (we can discuss strategy together on how many points per dollar, what rewards to offer, etc...)

  • Salon S.O.S. will set up your profile and platform for you

  • You will have access to an easy-to-use dashboard that works on any device in order to create special offers, view reports, etc... There will be video tutorials on almost every page to walk you through the functionality of your spa loyalty program (which is very user-friendly)

  • You can email a link to existing customers to join, or have customers join on the spot in the salon by texting ‘join’ to a special number, or by scanning a QR code

  • You can make this an email-only program, text-only program, or leave the choice to the customer and they can receive notifications whichever method they choose (The Essentials and Pro packages contain text message allotments. Additional text messages cost $0.02 each, emails are free. So it’s up to you how you want to structure your hair salon loyalty program)

  • Customers get unique access to your loyalty platform where they can accumulate points, see potential rewards, receive special offers, and redeem. This access can be on the homepage of their mobile phone with 1 click. Customers can access the salon loyalty platform from any device (although mobile is preferred)

  • Easy for customers to earn points by either scanning a QR code at the front desk or by salon entering a number into the platform (open on a computer or tablet at the front desk)

  • You can create special promotions and offers at any time and have them push out automatically to the customer’s dashboard (and you have the option to send an email and/or text notifications of these promotions as well)

  • You can also automate offers based on your customer’s behavior. Examples:

    • Special offer on customer’s birthday (10% off, free treatment, etc...)

    • Turning the traditional 'Welcome Package Gifts' into digital. When you sign up for the hair salon rewards program, you receive a coupon to use within the first 30 or 45 days, etc...

    • Special offer for a customer that hasn’t collected points in 3 months to encourage them to come back

  • The salon loyalty app platform can be in English or French (you can choose and then it will be the same for all customers)

  • In your dashboard, you can easily add or remove points for any customer if ever there was an error/dispute​

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