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What We LOVE About The Salon Industry

If you’re reading this, it means you’re likely already a part of what we consider to be the BEST industry in the world! As it is February, the season of love, we decided to focus on all of the things we absolutely love about the salon/spa industry. So dive on into this feel good blog filled with all of the reasons we adore being a part of the salon/spa world!


First and foremost, the salon/spa industry focuses on the business of BEAUTY! It’s hard to not love being surrounded by beautiful things; from gorgeous products, accessories, and service outcomes. Being a salon professional, our job is to create and enhance beauty and make our clients feel like the best versions of themselves. We have the opportunity to try and match the exterior with the beauty within each guest, and there are few better feelings in this world than making someone feel amazing. As salon professionals, even when things are tough, we are surrounded by beauty every day in some way or another; what’s not to love about that?!

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It’s safe to say that majority of salon professionals got into the industry because of the never ending opportunities for creativity. It’s not only service providing that allows us to be creative however, it’s in essentially every aspect of the industry!

From how we express ourselves with hair, makeup and style, to digital and social media marketing strategies, to stations set ups and everything in between, sky is the limit in terms of creativity. How lucky and blessed are we to be a part of such an innovative, visionary, inventive and original industry?!

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There are few industries that focus on building those in their field up and creating a sense of community over competition, but that’s exactly what the salon/spa industry does on a daily basis! Between social media connections, relationships between salon professionals in your community, and education, salon and spa owners and professionals continuously prove that we are better together and that there are plenty of clients and opportunities to go around for everyone! We absolutely love love LOVE this aspect of the industry and cannot wait to see more connections and collaborations in the future.

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Being a salon owner or professional, you wear many hats. These include but are not limited to; service provider, creative genius, social media marketer, therapist, hype person etc. Although it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with these constantly changing roles, it is also incredible to have constant opportunities for growth!

Beauty trends and applications are always evolving as well as how to market yourself, and instead of looking at this as daunting, look at it as a way to continuously grow and evolve! The salon industry may be many things, but it is absolutely not stagnant, and this is yet another reason we are so in love with this incredible industry.

In conclusion,

The last 2 years have been trying for small business owners, especially those deemed “non-essential”. There have been many ups and downs and still, salon and spa owners have persevered.

In a world where everything feels incredibly negative, we challenge you to focus on the positive aspects of being a part of this amazing industry.

Spread the love this February and take time to lift your salon/spa owner pals up! Let your clients and social media following know all of the wonderful reasons why you LOVE this industry that they only know on a surface level.

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‘Til next time,

Your Team at Salon S.O.S

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