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Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Happy 2022!

It’s a new year full of fresh opportunities and in this blog, we’re going to dive deep into the digital marketing trends that salon/spa owners should take advantage of this year!

Email & Text Marketing

We noticed a huge resurgence in both email and text marketing for salon businesses in 2021. If you haven’t set up an email marketing game plan yet, we’ve got tons of suggestions in this blog post for both newbies and those wanting to revamp their email marketing strategy!

Email marketing is a way for salons to communicate directly with clients to inform them of promos and deals. When you only rely on social media to get this information out, the likelihood of your actual salon guests seeing the post in time is a gamble. There’s also a chance that your clients may not even be on social media, so email and text marketing is a great way to make sure information is being sent straight to the source.

Text marketing is something we predict will grow even more in 2022 as it’s an even more guaranteed way for your message to be seen by a targeted audience. You can be strategic with your promoted message and send it to exactly the audience that would want to see it. This not only lets your guests know you’re thinking of them specifically, but also results in more bookings for your salon. Win-win!

Did you know you can send out custom text messages to your clients through our custom branded Loyalty Programs?! Click here to request a free demo of this service and all of the other incredible features it offers!

Micro-influencers and User Generated Content

Businesses have been using micro-influencers and user generated content for years, and we’re starting to see more salons and spas hop on this trend! We definitely predict this trend blowing up in 2022, and it’s beneficial for so many reasons.

Having a familiar face as a brand ambassador builds brand trust, creates a higher intent to purchase, and fosters a community within your salon. As a business owner, you will also receive tons of free marketing content, which is an amazing bonus!

We challenge you to start looking within your community to find a local influencer who’s values line up with your own. Once you find that person, it is important to establish a solid contract whereby it is laid out exactly what they will get as payment (whether it is money or services from your salon), and what you will receive in return (x amount of promo posts).

If you’re not quite ready for this step, then consider encouraging user generated content from your existing guests! Perhaps you a run a “selfie” promo, where each selfie gets entered to win something, or a “shelfie”, where your guest posts a photo of their hair care product shelf. You will still get the same benefits from reposting this content; building brand trust with your audience and creating a community feel in your salon!


You’re probably sick of hearing this, but video is KING and he ain’t going anywhere in 2022. In fact, we predict video will become an even more important form of content for your salon business to be putting out consistently. The most important thing with video is to make sure you’re not overthinking it, just put it out there! Start small by planning 1-2 videos a week, whether it’s creating a quick product how to, styling tutorial, or even just a quick pop in to say hi! By the end of this year, we challenge you to make it a goal to consistently post 3 pieces of video content per week and then sit back and watch your following grow!

Social media and digital marketing trends are difficult to stay on top of as they’re constantly evolving. The most important piece of advice we can give to any salon or spa owner is to make a game plan and stay consistent with your online marketing.

We’ve hit you with a few challenges in this blog post but most importantly, we challenge you to look ahead and plan. As salon owners, you wear so many hats, and digital marketing is often placed on the back burner as it can seem daunting. If you break it down on a month to month basis and not only implement a game plan, but book out time to put it into action, digital marketing will feel far less overwhelming.

We’re here with you on your digital marketing every step of the way, you can sign up for our Salon S.O.S Secret Society Newsletter here, join our Facebook group here, and follow us for daily tips, tricks and motivation on Instagram @salon.s.o.s

We can't wait to see the digital marketing magic that salon/spas create in 2022!

‘Til next time,

The team at Salon S.O.S

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