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What Should Salons / Spas post on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and is tailor-made for hair salons and spas.

The latest research shows that over 500 million people use Instagram Every. Single. Day. Instagram is all about visual content, making it ideal to share pictures of your salon or spa’s work to inspire potential clients to come and ask for a similar result. From ravishing curls, creative nails, & wedding updos, the sky’s the limit.

In this blog, we explore what the best content is to share on your salon/spa's Instagram account to get the highest engagement with viewers, and therefore expand your reach to potential new clients.

1. Before and after pictures

There’s no better place to showcase your talents to your social audience than Instagram. Consumers love to see what transformations are possible. Remember that they see themselves more in the ‘before’ photos and you are trying to make them dream of the ‘after’ photo. In order to capitalize on impact, always be sure to show your ‘after’ picture first as it is the stunning one that will attract attention. Remember to always ask your customer for permission to take his or her picture and post it on Instagram. (Image credit)

2. Trendy styles

Keep yourself up to date with trendy hairstyles or nail work that consumers desire. You can do this by following fashion and beauty articles on the internet – often these trends are celebrity inspired. Each time you’ve completed a similar look in your salon/spa, post a picture and use a hashtag that describes that particular look so that you have a better chance of showing up when people search for it.

3. How-to Videos

Consumers love to learn how to perform certain styling or makeup techniques and showing brief how-to videos helps position your salon/spa as an expert. Keep your videos relatively short (you don’t need to explain complex techniques, just some simple tips that you would likely share with a client if they were in the chair with you). You can use these videos as an opportunity to showcase some new products that you have as well, hopefully stimulating an interest to buy it the next time they visit you. Be sure to add a captivating title at the beginning of every video to get people to want to stop and watch your full video, as well as a call-to-action at the end of the video such as to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

4. Thank you notes

Social media is a great place to thank someone publically. Thank a new client for coming in, or a wedding party for doing their hair and/or makeup with you. You can feature a photo of the work that was done at the same time. Not only will you make that individual feel like a celebrity, but you are telling all other potential clients that you offer an incredible client experience at your location.

5. Upcoming deals and events

Create powerful imagery around your promotional offers to attract the most interest. Remember that people’s attention spans on social media is very brief, so you always have to capture their attention with powerful imagery, even if it’s for a contest or promotion. You can use free apps such as Canva and Photoshop Pro to help create beautiful layouts. Be consistent and use the same imagery in your salon spa when printing out posters, mirror clings, etc.. Keep in mind that 80% of your overall content should be educational, entertaining and/or fun content while not more than 20% should be promotional so while it’s important to feature your key promotions, you don’t want them to dominate your page. (photo credit)

6. Themed posts

Remember that Instagram users love using hashtags and often use ones that are about trending topics. So whether it’s prom season, wedding season, Mother’s Day, or the Academy Awards, make sure you post about timely topics. It will not only tell your customers that your salon/spa is current with trends, but it will help you show up in searches and increase engagement if you are using the right hashtags (see article about hashtags) (photo credit)

7. Celebrate employees

When you hire new employees or one of them gets a promotion, share the news and a picture on Instagram. It will make the employee feel great, give them some additional exposure for new potential clients, and it tells your followers that you have a positive, family environment in your salon which is something that everyone likes to be a part of. (photo credit)

8. Be fun and creative

It’s good to show your followers that you are human, so adding some general pictures of you and your team working in the salon, quotes that inspire you, etc... are a great way to make personal connections. Just avoid posting the

drunken team photos from the bar – remember that everything you post will be a reflection of your business and yourself as a professional (even when using your personal account). (photo credit)

Remember that like all social media sites, you want a variety of posts. Mix up your schedule so that your followers are constantly seeing something different which will keep them interested and engaged. Happy posting!

Looking for more Instagram and social media tips for salons and spas? Check out the rest of our Resource Library for valuable content to help grow your salon or spa business!

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