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Features your Salon Loyalty Program Needs to Have

In the competitive world of salon and spa businesses, implementing a loyalty program is essential to retaining customers and building long-lasting relationships. However, it is not enough to simply have a loyalty program in place; it must include specific features that clients can actually engage with and utilize. Not all loyalty programs are created equally, and in this blog, we will deep dive into what to look for when implementing one into your salon business. By offering a well-designed loyalty program, you can increase guest satisfaction, and encourage repeat visits.



Many loyalty programs, such as stamp cards and point of sale systems, are not as effective as they could be because clients often cannot access their rewards between visits. For example, customers may forget to bring their stamp card or may not have access to view their rewards by themselves. Large companies like Starbucks, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Sephora have been successful with their loyalty programs due to various factors. These companies offer mobile apps that allow customers to easily track their points and rewards, as well as send personalized offers directly to their devices.

Additionally, they provide a seamless experience across both online and offline channels, ensuring that customers can engage with the program at any time. By leveraging technology and creating a user-friendly interface, these companies have been able to increase customer engagement and drive repeat business effectively through their loyalty programs.

So if you take nothing else away from this blog, we hope you remember this; loyalty programs that use a digital app are going to perform better than a physical card or an internal POS (point of sale) program- PERIOD! Click HERE to learn more about why engagement is KEY with any loyalty program!



Now that you know why a digital loyalty program is the way to go in your salon, we’re going to break down additional features that you should look for and take advantage of within your loyalty app interface. Lucky for you, our simple and affordable Digital Loyalty App services includes all of these perks!




As with everything else with your salon, it is important to stick with custom branding. You want your guests to see anything you’re putting out into the world; whether it be social media posts, your website, business cards, etc. and recognize it as YOUR salon branding! This is especially important with loyalty programs as many consumers are a part of more loyalty programs than they can keep up with, so you want to make sure your app stands out! With Salon S.O.S. Digital Loyalty apps, salon owners can create their own unique platform: customized with your logo, colours & imagery.



Consumers can be impatient, and we’ve been conditioned to expect everything to work FAST! When looking for a loyalty program for your salon, you want to ensure easy sign up and fast check outs. With our loyalty program, you can expect everything to flow quickly and smoothly as we use QR codes for guest’s to scan for quick results!



A digital loyalty app that includes options for loyalty triggers such as reminders for customers who haven't visited in a few months or special birthday points not only helps salon’s stay connected with their client base but also incentivize repeat visits and drive sales. By utilizing these personalized and targeted loyalty triggers, salon’s can create a more engaging and rewarding experience for customers while increasing client retention and loyalty to their brand. You guessed it; our digital loyalty app allows you to set up customized loyalty trigger messages to send to your clients!



SMS and email marketing campaigns are a crucial tool for salon loyalty programs to effectively communicate with clients and keep them informed about current promotions. By sending targeted messages directly to their mobile phones, salons can ensure that clients stay up to date on special offers, discounts, and events, ultimately increasing customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, SMS and email marketing allows salons to reach clients in real-time, making it easier for them to take advantage of time-sensitive promotions and drive more business through the door!  With a digital loyalty app from Salon S.O.S., you can send out unlimited marketing campaigns via email or text!



We are constantly reminding salon owners of the importance of encouraging online reviews from clients, and a digital loyalty app is the perfect way to incentivize your salon guests! Reward your guests with points for taking the time to share their 5 star experience online.



It is clear that digital loyalty apps are the way of the future when it comes to customer retention and engagement. With the convenience of tracking points and rewards on a mobile app, as well as receiving personalized offers directly to their devices, customers are more likely to stay engaged with the program. The success of bigger companies that utilize digital loyalty apps serve as a testament to the power of these kinds of loyalty programs in enhancing the overall customer experience and driving business growth. It is evident that businesses looking to improve their loyalty programs should consider investing in a digital platform to maximize their effectiveness and ultimately boost customer satisfaction and retention.

So salon pros, if you’re ready to LEVEL UP your loyalty program, we’d love to chat! Click HERE to request a FREE DEMO of our very own digital loyalty app!

For even more digital marketing goodness, check out our YouTube Marketing Academy as well as all the resources and support we have for you here on our website

‘Til next time,

Your Team At Salon S.O.S

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