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The Benefits of Offering Memberships at Your Salon/Spa

Memberships are offered in many different industries and have started being found more often in salons and spas. A salon membership is a program offered by some salons that provides both loyal and potential guests with exclusive perks and benefits. Memberships can vary in price and duration, but typically offer discounts on services, priority booking, free upgrades or add-ons to treatments, and access to private salon events or promotions. These memberships are designed to reward loyal salon clients while also encouraging repeat and new business for the salon. They can be a great way for individuals who regularly utilize salon services to save money and receive extra perks not available to non-members. In this blog post, we’re going to talk pros and cons of offering membership options in your salon and some ideas to get you started!


Incorporating memberships in your salon business can provide a variety of benefits for both the customer and the salon owner. One of the biggest advantages is the potential for increased revenue. By offering a membership program, salon guests are more likely to make regular appointments and purchase multiple services or products over time. This provides a reliable source of income for the business, which can help with budgeting and planning for both staff and salon owners. Another benefit of incorporating memberships is that it can increase customer loyalty and retention. Customers who feel like they are getting value from their membership are likely to continue using the salon services regularly, rather than shopping around for different options. Additionally, members may be more likely to refer friends and family to the salon, which can attract new customers without additional marketing expenses.

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Overall, memberships can create a sense of community and belonging among customers, which can lead to long-term relationships between them and the salon or spa. However, like everything else, there are a few things to keep in mind and consider to ensure your membership offerings are actually effective and beneficial for your guests, stylists, and salon business alike.


Firstly, you’ll need to make sure the membership benefits are clearly outlined and easily understandable for potential members. It's important to offer value-added services that will incentivize people to become members such as discounts on products or priority booking for appointments. Secondly, pricing needs to be competitive and reasonable so that it is accessible to a wide range of clients and to fit most beauty budgets.

Finally, ensure that your salon has the capacity to handle an influx of guests with memberships and can maintain the quality service promised to all clients. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can create successful and sustainable salon membership program!


Salon membership ideas can vary greatly depending on the type of salon and its target audience. Some salons offer monthly memberships that include a certain number of services, such as haircuts, waxing or treatments at a discounted rate. Other salons offer tiered memberships that provide additional perks and discounts based on the level of membership purchased. Some salons even offer VIP or exclusive memberships that give members access to special events, private appointments with top level stylists, and personalized treatments. You can choose to make your membership offerings as simple or multifaceted as possible, but keep in mind ease of booking when adding multiple layers!

Here are a few ideas inspire and get you started!

Blow Out Memberships: Example- Get x amount of blow outs monthly for discounted rate and/or added value incentive.

Barbering/Hot Shave Memberships: Example: Book x amount of hair clean ups monthly, get 1 free hot shave.

Root Touch Up Membership: Example: Book in for 4 root touch ups quarterly, get x% off service & retail.

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Whether you decide to offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly memberships, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a system on the back end to ensure everything is organized financially. Think of memberships as being like gift cards in the sense that you are collecting the money before the service, so you want to make sure that same money is there to pay your staff when the service is completed!


Incorporating memberships into your salon business has countless benefits including increased revenue and customer loyalty. It offers an opportunity to build strong relationships with customers by providing valuable services at a discounted price or through exclusive packages that aren't available anywhere else. Memberships also allow you to plan ahead financially since you know how much money you will receive each month from recurring payments. If you haven't already considered offering memberships at your salon, it could be worth exploring as part of your salon’s overall growth strategy.

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