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The Art of Digital Gift Giving: A Salon Professional's Guide

The holiday season is upon us which means it is likely absolute chaos in your salon business. It is the kind of chaos we crave and we love how the salon buzzes with excitement around the holidays!

Gifts are always associated with the holidays and it’s a huge focus when we are selling retail. Although we often feel like giving gifts is so overdone over this holiday season, it can also be an incredible opportunity to build and reinforce relationships with clients!

Gifts make people feel special and loved, and a little goes a very long way. We are not suggesting that you run out and spend a crazy amount of money on buying gifts for each one of your guests because that’s not really the point, the point is to give them something that makes them feel like you’ve thought about them. We’re going to give you some ideas for DIGITAL gifts this year that will hit your salon clients right in the feels as a way of saying thank you for their continued support… without breaking the bank!

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Tutorials or How To Videos

Think about the questions you receive on a daily basis from your clients and create a video tutorial answering that question to send to your clients! Maybe it’s how to style their fringe, how to create an easy holiday updo, how to give themselves a blow out at home… it can literally be anything! Create a cute, how to tutorial video, maybe throw some festive music in the background and send it to your guest list with a holiday message via email, text or social media! This is an adorable way to provide your guests with something they will actually use and benefit from and they’ll love that you took the time to make something for them!

Video Message From Your Salon Team

Create a short video with your salon team with a precious holiday message for your guests. This could go a ways; you could go the sentimental route and create a heartfelt message or you could go the funny route and choreograph a holiday dance or skit. This is a simple, cute but memorable way to let your guests know you’re thinking of them over the holidays.

Digital Coupons or Gift Cards

This is not only a great way to treat your guests, but also a way of ensuring returning business in the slower months of the new year! You can play it simple with this idea, or get strategic with it. Maybe you offer a percentage or dollar amount off retail or services across the board, or maybe you offer savings on specific services that are slow in January to increase bookings. You may also consider making this coupon for a free add on to their next service! The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a digital coupon or gift card for your guests. Create something gorgeous on Canva and make sure to put an expiry date on your design to encourage guests to use them within a time frame.

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Aftercare Downloads

Create aftercare guides for your most popular salon/spa services on Canva and send them to your guests via email or social media! This way, your clients can download this aftercare guide (make it pretty!) and have it for future reference which not only helps them to properly maintain their salon services, but also makes your job easier knowing they’re taking care between appointments! It also is a great way to make product recommendations with the hopes of future retail purchases!

Holiday Playlist

Create a playlist on your favourite music streaming service or YouTube and send it to your clients via email, social media, or text! Spend some time finding holiday songs that are not super popular to provide your guests with a unique holiday soundtrack to enjoy. This is a super easy way to give your guests a little something that they can enjoy throughout the holidays.

If you want to do a spin on this, you can also create playlist “mixtapes” specifically based on your clients musical tastes. Make a few playlists mixed with your favourite songs and send them to your clients for a cute 90’s twist on a holiday gift!


Now that you’re loaded up on digital gift idea inspo, put your own creative twist on it to give your clients something they’ll remember this holiday season. We challenge you to think outside of the box and find a way to make your clients feel special and appreciated as a way of thanking them for their continued business and support. This gesture will certainly set your business apart from the rest with minimal time and effort required.

The holidays certainly are not all about gift giving, but it is an excellent way to show someone you’re thinking of them. You do not have to spend a ton of time or money to let your guests know you appreciate them and we hope that one of these digital gift ideas will help you nail down the perfect gift for your clients.

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‘Til next time,

Your Team At Salon S.O.S

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