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How To Prep (Like a Boss) For a Successful Salon Holiday Season

Does anyone else feel like they blinked and all of a sudden it’s holiday season?! This year has been full of ups and downs, so if the holidays crept up on you too, no worries! We’ve got tons of simple suggestions to make sure the holidays go off without a hitch in your salon!

We already know that December in the salon is absolutely chaotic and busy, so it’s not necessary to offer discounts and sales but it is important to have exciting offers for your guests to take advantage of! Here are a few of our favourite holiday promotions that you can easily implement in your salon this season. For even MORE salon promo ideas, check out this blog!

12 Days of Christmas

Planning a social media campaign around a 12 Days of Christmas theme is a super fun way to promote your salon’s retail and services on social media or text/email marketing! To not over complicate it for yourself, choose a theme of your daily features. Here’s some ideas:

Gift Pack Ideas with specific targeted issues (blondes, damaged hair, curly hair etc.)

Feature a shampoo, conditioner, and styling product or treatment pack specifically for an issue or hair type and market it as a gift guide!

Product Cocktails. Choose products that work well when blended/layered with another product and present them as a duo.

Services & At Home Maintenance. Feature services that your salon/spa offers as well as which products are the best insurance policy for their beauty investment.

Once you’ve chosen a 12 Days of Christmas theme- plan out every single days features, create your content, and schedule it so you don’t need to think about it during the hectic holiday season! Looking for the perfect scheduler to post your salon content? Check out our very own Social Media Scheduling Platform!

Gift Card Promotions

Running a gift card promotion during the holidays is beneficial for so many reasons! Giving your guests the opportunity to score bonus cash on their gift card purchases not only incentivizes them to buy for their friends and family, but also for themselves. Gift cards are incredible as they ensure the recipient will be visiting your salon for a retail or service purchase- if they've never been to your salon and love their experience, you may just score a new, loyal client! It’s also a great way to ensure your existing guests will be returning to your salon in the new year as they’ve now got your gift card burning a hole in their pocket!

We love a gift card promotion that encourages larger purchases to score higher bonus dollars. For example:

Buy $100 gift card, receive a bonus $20.

Buy $200 gift card, receive a bonus $50.

Buy a $300 gift card, receive a bonus $75

And so on and so fourth!

Gift Baskets

Make holiday shopping easy for your guests by offering pre-made and custom gift baskets for everyone on their shopping list!

Create a handful of different gift packs at different price points for various hair issues and types. Display them in your salon retail area and include adorable holiday packaging with the purchase of the packages!

For custom gifts, make a short list of questions for your shoppers to answer regarding the person they’re buying for, ask their budget, and create a gift pack suited perfectly for the recipient!


Put a few cute touches on your gift packs like a branded Christmas card, tissue paper, or holiday themed candy! Your guests will love that they won’t have to fuss over wrapping and it adds a memorable, branded touch to your retail service!

Holiday Parties

The holidays are busy with parties and get togethers, so your clients are more likely to be interested in trying new services to prep!

If your salon offers makeup applications, spray tans, nail enhancements or teeth whitening, you could either offer a discount or package deal for multiple services, or simply focus more energy on advertising and brining more attention to these service! These appointments usually end up being great add on opportunities for your salon team!

Holiday Themed Discounts

This is an adorable way to show your clients some holiday love! Send an email or text campaign to all of your client base with the opportunity for a discount in salon or online with a festive twist to treat your guests. We suggest putting an expiry date on your discount to encourage guests to revisit the salon or purchase retail when things slow down following the holidays!

Support Local

The holidays are the perfect time to spread some cheer and local love! Now more than ever, it is important to support the small businesses in your community instead of shopping in big box stores. Team up with some local business and suggest cross promoting or highlight each other on social media! This not only helps build relationships in your community but is a great way help everyone reach a new audience in your area!

The holidays are quickly approaching but you still have time to create or refresh your game plan! We challenge you to reflect on past holiday seasons and evaluate what worked, and what didn’t. There are so many great marketing and promotional opportunities during this time so make sure to play it smart to optimize impact!

This upcoming season is hands down the busiest and perhaps the most stressful time of year in the salon, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your team so you can properly take care of your guests. Planning in advance prevents last minute scrambling and unnecessary anxiety during an already overwhelming time of year.

We can’t wait to see the holiday magic your salon whips up this year! Make sure to tag us in your promotions and seasonal content on social @salon.s.o.s

‘Til next time,

Your Team at Salon S.O.S

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