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Take Your Salon's Social to The Next Level With Pinterest

Where is the first place you go for recipes? Hair and nail inspo? Gift ideas? Outfit inspo? Design ideas? If Pinterest is the first place you go for “pinspiration”, then you are not alone!

Now ask yourself… is your salon or spa business on Pinterest? If not, how many opportunities are you missing out on to create inspiration with your own original posts?! If so, how many MORE opportunities could you be taking advantage of to advertise your business for FREE?!

Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog article either way! In this post, we’re going to cover the perks of having a Pinterest page for your salon/spa, important things to keep in mind, and we’ll provide a few amazing Pinterest accounts for you to check out if you’re needing a little more inspiration to get started!


If you’re a regular Pinterest surfer, you already are aware of the perks of this platform as a user. You can “pin” posts and have them categorically organized for easy access, it’s the best! It’s our go to platform for getting inspiration for, well literally everything! Let’s get into the perks of having a Pinterest account for your business:

  • Increased brand awareness. Pinterest is yet another FREE platform that you can utilize to get your business and brand out there.

  • Potential for new clients (service and retail). If a person is scrolling Pinterest for hair inspo and lands on your page, there is the opportunity to score that scroller as a new client! If another person is searching Pinterest for product recommendations and lands on your page, there is an opportunity for a retail purchase. This increases astronomically if you have an online shop that they can purchase from right then from anywhere!

  • Increased blog traffic. If your salon/spa has a blog (for SEO purposes, a blog is recommended!), Pinterest is yet another platform for potential customers to see your blog.

  • Be the inspirational resource. Your clients bring you Pinterest pics of amazing hair/nails/makeup all of the time, how cool would it be if your own work was being shown to other salon professionals as inspiration?! This perk doesn’t necessarily have a Return of Investment from a business stance, but it’s great for good feels and clout! It’s also an amazing resource to be able to provide your existing clients with.


As with all good things, there seem to be as many misconceptions as there are perks. We’re going to break a few of them down for you so you don’t need to worry moving forward with your own Pinterest journey.

-Pinterest is extremely time consuming. This is as true or false as you want to make it, as is with every other social platform. You can simply repurpose content from your other social media platforms or you can create an elaborate Pinterest board with multiple boards and pins. It is what you make it, so don’t let the fear of another time commitment scare you off.

  • Only women are on Pinterest. This isn’t true although female identifying people do make up the majority at 77%. This is where it is important to identify the features of your ideal client so you can create content and marketing strategically for them.

  • Your target audience isn’t on Pinterest. Again, this is where it is important to identify your ideal clients habits and features so you have a solid strategy moving forward. Also important to identify is what specifically are you using Pinterest for? Is it simply for brand awareness or is it to encourage new online shopping customers? Once you’ve established this, it will be easier to move forward with your game plan!

  • People only use Pinterest for “inspiration” purposes. Did you know that over 25% of Pinterest usage is related to finding and buying products?! Not only that, Pinterest users are also 80% more likely to purchase retail! It has been found that if people are active on Pinterest it affects their shopping behaviors and increases their number of visits to retailers significantly.



Upload the same photos you post on social but have them in different categories to act as a library of specific content. For example, if your salon/spa offers both hair and esthetics categories, you can create boards for Hair, Nails, Lashes, Skincare/Facials etc. This not only provides service inspiration for Pinterest users, but also acts as a great resource to send potential/existing clients to see your salon’s work in a super organized lay out!


Upload product feature pictures and organize them by category. You can make this as easy or complex as you would like by having boards for Hair Care, Skin Care, Makeup and Boutique items. If you have online shop, you can link your posts up to direct them to the product page on your online shop for super easy purchasing! These boards will also act as a great resource for your clients to learn even more about the products you feature.


Upload any and all of your videos from other social media platforms (reels, TikToks, regular short form video). This may be hair transformation clips, how to’s or tutorial videos, and everything outside and in between. Although Pinterest is not typically known for being a video platform, it has been a steadily growing type of content on Pinterest. In fact, studies have shown that Pinterest users watch close to 1 billion videos PER day!


There are so many reasons to incorporate blogging into your digital marketing plan but the main reason is to drive traffic to your salon/spa’s website. Pinterest is yet another Avenue in which potential clients can find your salon’s website. Informative blogs also help create trust with potential clients as you are providing them with valuable information for no cost, so using Pinterest as an extra platform to be found on is a no brainer!


If your salon offers services specifically for special events or wedding prep, incorporating Pinterest boards with photos of your salon’s work acts as a great resource for potential clients. You can also choose to create a board where you pin other creators work for inspiration for further special event or bridal clients!


  • Define your salon/spa’s purpose for being on Pinterest. What are you hoping to achieve or accomplish with with a Pinterest account? What value do you want other Pinterest users and potential clients to receive upon visiting your page? Once you’ve established this, creating a Pinterest board strategy with fall into place.

  • Keep SEO in mind when creating posts. Use the Pinterest search bar to find common search phrases and incorporate those into your captions so that your posts pop up when people search. The best thing to keep in mind is to be specific, for example: instead of captioning your post “Long Brunette Hair”, add more keywords like “Long, expensive brunette hair with layered shag cut and curtain fringe”. Another example would be instead of captioning “Blonde Bob”, try writing “Short platinum blonde Bob with face framing layers”. If SEO is a foreign concept to you, S.O.S has a solution! Click here to learn more about our SEO S.O.S platform.

  • Use Canva to create gorgeous graphics for your product features and/or blog posts. Pinterest is full of gorgeous graphics so you want to make sure that your content isn’t being scrolled past because of lackluster graphics!


We've included some salon/spa Pinterest pages that are absolutely KILLIN' it that you need to scope out!

Tip: Search “Salon” or “Spa” on Pinterest but click Search Accounts to see even more incredible salon/spa Pinterest pages!


Pinterest, like any other social media platform, has many pros that can be extremely beneficial for growing your salon/spa business online. Like anything else digital marketing related, we recommend asking yourself a few questions like: what is the main purpose or reason for incorporating this platform into my digital marketing regiment and what do I hope to accomplish in doing so? We hope this blog post has given you some of the answers to these questions and helps you move forward in your business’s Pinterest journey!

We’d love to hear what you think about using Pinterest for salons as well as tips and tricks you think would be helpful for salon and spa owners! You can follow us on social @salon.s.o.s and DM us with ideas or suggestions as well as to get your daily dose of all things digital marketing for your salon/spa!

Til next time,

Your Team at Salon S.O.S

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