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How to Create Great Landing Pages to Convert Clicks into Customers

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you want to get the most out of your online ad campaigns, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are running Facebook/Instagram ads or Google ads, having a strong landing page is critical to convert the people who click on your ad into actual customers.

If you read our article about How to Get Your Salon to the Top of Google Searches, you’ll know that we spent a lot of time talking about keywords: how to find the right keywords for your salon or spa and how much you should be paying for them. But they are not the only important element of a successful Google Ad campaign. Think about what happens when you click on a link – where does the link take you? What information is there? Is it what you were looking for? Does the information relate to the ad that you clicked on? Is it easy to find what you are looking for?

You see, having the right salon or spa keywords will help make sure you get the right person to click on your ad. Having a great landing page will help make sure that the person who clicked on your ad actually becomes a paying customer.

If you want to convert someone who clicks on your link into a paying customer, you need to make sure that the information they see when they click on the link is powerful. Too many salons simply send people to the homepage of their website. But if I’m looking for the ‘best wedding hair and makeup in (your city)’ and your link sends me to your website homepage, I am probably going to see many things that are not related to wedding hair and makeup. And that will frustrate me as a consumer. Consumers

want convenience. Don’t just send people to your homepage. Send them to the most specific page on your website that addresses their search. Remember, this is a brand new client who doesn’t know you that is searching for something very specific. So the best thing you can do is to create a specific Landing Page that connects with your ad and gives the consumer everything they need to know in order to book.

Show everything that a person would want to see in order to know/like/trust you, and then finally to book an appointment.

Here are our tips for creating great landing pages that will help you convert clicks into customers:

1. A Strong Headline and Subheading

If someone is intrigued by your ad and they click on your link, the page you direct them to needs to immediately repeat the main message from you ad. This creates a connection and actually reinforces the decision that the consumer made when they clicked. Your headline and subheading should be direct and to the point (often it explains your offer)

2. A Call to Action Button

If the person clicked on your ad link, that means that they are a very hot prospect. They are strongly interested. So you need to turn that into a booking very quickly. The best way to do this is to have a clear call to action button (ex: ‘Book Your Appointment Now’) at the top of the page (usually just under your heading and/or subheading). You will also want to have the same button in several other places on the landing page. If they are ready to book right away, they can click the first button at the top of the page. If they are still undecided and read through your page for more details and information, you want to make sure you have another button further down the page as well.

3. Powerful Images

Because the salon and spa world is so visual, you want to include some powerful images

that will make the consumer DESIRE whatever it is that you are offering. This could be

beautiful images of the service results they can expect (your work), the team that will be

serving them (your staff), and/or the environment where the service will happen (your

salon/spa). Images are powerful – use them to your advantage!

4. Explain the Offer

Usually people are going to want a bit more detail than what you provided in your ad. So

here is where you can share with them what’s included in your offer, the benefits, and

what’s special about it. You should consider using scarcity and urgency in your offer. You

can learn more about this as well as suggestions of offers in our article The Best Salon Retail and Service Promotions that Actually Work.

5. Social Proof

You know how important online reviews are. Well this is the time to use them in that final phase of converting a new client who might still be on the fence. They have clicked on your link because they are interested in your ad. They’ve seen some pictures and been able to read more details about the offer. Now show them some authentic reviews from clients who speak about this specific product or service that you are promoting! You can also use this opportunity to talk about your overall star rating, or mention any awards your salon might have won. Anything that will help increase your credibility at this important point!

6. Location

This one is basic but cannot be forgotten. Make sure you provide your full address and

contact info (phone number and email). They might still want to reach out to ask a few

questions before booking an appointment.

7. Mobile-Friendly

Finally, your landing page HAS to be mobile-optimized! More than 50% of people will be

viewing this on their phones, and depending on the age of the target market for your ads, it could be much higher. So you need to be sure that your landing page looks great on mobile phones (and other devices too of course, but think mobile-first!).

Alright, now that you’ve created a powerful landing page, it’s time to create your ads! You can check out our Facebook Ads Starter Guide for Salons for tips on setting up great ads. If you know you need to do this but feel that setting it all up and executing it is too daunting, feel free to reach out to us. We offer a service to manage and execute both Google and Facebook/Instagram ads for salons.

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