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The 3 V's of Online Branding For Your Salon

When it comes to creating an online brand for your salon, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You want your personality to shine through the screen while also maintaining a modern, visually appealing aesthetic and it’s easy to get caught up in details. In this blog post, we’re going to make it easy for you to start fresh or revamp your salon’s online branding with a simple formula.

Voice + Vision + Visuals = Authentic, Appealing Online Business Branding

Establish the Voice of Your Salon’s Online Branding

Have you ever read a blog post, article, or social media caption where it felt like you could actually hear the creator reading it to you? There are specific mannerisms that sets a tone for the writing and makes you feel and understand their message.

THIS is what you want your audience to feel when they consume your salon’s online content. Before they can feel the things, you have to establish the things you want to make your audience aware of and care about. You can do this by creating a WHY statement for your salon company (A mission statement as to WHY you do what you do).

It’s also important to share causes that are important to you as well as issues that your team is passionate (ex: mental health, local charities, disease/disorder awareness etc.) It is important to give a care about giving back to your community, and this charitable aspect of small business owning contributes to the voice of your brand.

Figure out your unique message, salon owners, and shout it from the roof tops! Create a voice for your online brand that exudes confidence and stays consistent across every digital platform from social media, to email/text marketing, to advertisements and audience interactions!

Determine the Vision for Your Salon’s Online Branding

If your life is a movie, your salon is the main setting, your team is the crew, your clients are actors, and you are the director. Obviously life happens and things don’t always work out according to plan, but it is important to have a plan in place regardless. Dream big, shoot for the stars; and then strategically map out how to get there. Visualize the big and small things that you want for team and clients and let this vision guide your plans towards the future.

Establishing what your vision is for the future helps mold your business game plan in the mean time, which also makes it easier to define your online persona. The law of attraction states that you receive what you put out, so having a strong idea of what you envision your company becoming will attract the type or clientele you need to achieve this dream.

Create Visuals That Bring Your Voice + Vision To Life

Now that you’ve reflected and established what you want the voice of your brand to sound like and the vision of your brand to look like, you can now create visuals that reflect it!

Keeping in mind the online persona you have determined you want your salon to be recognized as, create photo and video content that allows your voice and vision to shine through. Choose color schemes and fonts that reflect the vibe you want your digital presence to give off. Post quotes and memes that relate to the demographic of your audience specifically. Post stylists work that you know will be appealing to your ideal client. Be strategic with the visuals you create, post, and share online and remember that your online reputation is always under public scrutiny. Your online brand is a 24/7 representative of your salon company so make sure your visuals are representing it favourably and attracting your ideal clientele.

For more on authenticity on social media, give this blog post a read!


The most important, and most overlooked part of online branding is the personality behind the brand. Colors, fonts, designs, nor viral content mean anything without the voice and vision of the creator behind the post. There is a plethora of incredibly talented hairstylists in the industry and you need to set yourself apart to attract clients, and it’s no different online. Establish the voice and determine the vision for your salon’s online branding and watch the magic happen.

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‘Till Next Time,

Your Team at Salon S.O.S

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