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REVAMP Your Salon's Social Media With This 6 Week Challenge!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Social media is arguably the best form of marketing for salon’s and spa’s online. That being said, it is often used incorrectly which can result in consumers and potential clients overlooking your business because of a lacklustre social media presence. We all know that social media isn’t going anywhere, so instead of shrugging your shoulders and “trying your best”, let’s roll up those sleeves and get to work on your salon or spa’s social media presence!

Lucky for you, we’ve done the tedious, dirty work for you and have created a step by step formula for levelling up your social media game. In this blog post, we'll provide you with some great resources to audit your social media branding and profile to make sure your page is in tip top shape for all of the traffic you’re about to get! Then, we’ve got 35 days worth of social media content and 9 rad reels/TikTok videos to spark inspiration when creating your salon’s content. We finish up this blog with a 6 week challenge for you to partake in and level up your salon's social media game. There’s a lot to unpack in this post so buckle up and let’s dive in!


Before you start creating content, you’ve got to make sure your page is not only looking presentable but also has the necessary information your audience needs to contact you. We’ve got 2 incredible Salon S.O.S FREEBIES for you to grab that will help you with just that!

Instagram Bio Audit & Refresh free download contains everything you need to review and update your Instagram bio. Many important details and necessary information are overlooked in business IG pages, and this freebie will give you a step by step guide on how to ensure you’re not missing out on anything

Social media is all about aesthetic and being a part of the beauty industry naturally sets higher expectations for the branding and overall look of your salon’s page. This free workbook gives tons of ideas and inspiration for fonts, color schemes, patterns and designs to create your own gorgeous online brand aesthetic.


Now that your social media pages are polished, it’s time for the fun part… content creation! We know that most of you reading just collectively rolled your eyes, but like we said at the top, we’ve already done the tedious, dirty work for you and come up with all of the ideas for you to work off of! Screen shot the calendar below so you always have a variety of content for your salon or spa's social.


We know videos can be intimidating to incorporate into your salon’s social media, so we’ve compiled a list of some great video ideas to use on IG Reels or TikTok as well as links to examples so you can replicate these trends easily!

  1. Salon Tour. Introduce your space to existing clients and potential guests! Your audience so rarely gets to see your space (except for blurred in the background of your hair pictures!) so this is the perfect opportunity to give the grand tour! Here's a few great examples for you to check out for a little inspiration.

2. Behind The Scenes. Take this opportunity to show your audience what goes on BTS at your salon/spa company! Snap videos mixing up color at the back bar or a clip of rinsing a toner at the sink. Your audience will love seeing what goes on behind the scenes and we've got some amazing video examples for you to check out!

3. The Process. Film an entire salon or spa service and create a time lapse video so your audience can see what you do step by step! Here are some examples:

4. To The Salon trending sound. This trending sound has been around for a while now but is still super popular! Ask one of your clients if they can help you film clips for this trend throughout their appointment! We've got some examples for you to check out:

5. Cape Transition. This is a super easy and popular way to showcase your client's before and after. Check out the videos below for inspo on how to do it!

6. Transitions. There are SO many different ways to create transition video content to showcase hair and esthetic services. We've included a few relatively simple transition styles to get you started!

7. Styling Tutorials. Film a quick video on how to create a hairstyle or makeup look at home! We've include some great videos to spark inspiration below:

8. How To's- At Home Maintenance. Show your audience exactly how to use their salon/spa quality products at home. Check out these examples:

9. Trending beauty trends. Every season of every year comes with a new hot beauty trend, so make sure to get it on video when someone gets this service in your salon or spa! Here are some videos that nailed this idea:


We challenge you to dedicate 6 weeks to improving your salon’s social media game, and everything you need is right here in this blog post. Spend 2 weeks doing a social media audit and work through the free workbooks we mentioned at the top. Take these 2 weeks to research and observe other industry social media pages to see what you like and what you don’t, and really establish what you want your social media to say about your salon/spa company. Once you have a clear vision of this, commit to positing a consistent amount every week. It doesn’t have to be every single day, but make a goal and stick to it! You’ve got plenty of ideas and suggestions to run off of listed right here in this blog, so get creating!

We suggest scheduling your social media posts in advance to make it even easier for yourself, and we’ve got an amazing S.O.S solution for that. Click here to learn more!

Within this 6 week challenge, spend more time and energy interacting and engaging with your salon’s online audience. Reply to their comments genuinely, interact with their stories, follow ideal clients accounts. At the end of this challenge, you will have everything you need to continue your social media upswing.

We absolutely cannot wait to see the social media magic you create for your salon/spa, make sure to tag us in your posts @salon.s.o.s

'Til next time,

Your Team At Salon S.O.S

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