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How to Build a Gorgeous Online Brand Aesthetic For Your Salon/Spa

When the entire purpose of social media is to create visually appealing content, you want to make sure your salon's page is branded in an aesthetically pleasing way! There is a hair salon or spa on every street of your city and every corner of social media so you need to create a branded online presence that sets your business apart. You want your following to recognize posts as your distinctive brand before they even see your handle. We’re going to give you a formula on how to build a simple but impactful cohesive business brand online!

FIRST THINGS FIRST- determine your WHY!

This is likely something you’ve done in business building but we want you to re-evaluate and dig deeper to establish your new, updated, 2021 version of why. Why do you do what you do? What do you want your business to accomplish? Having a clear understanding of your WHY will help guide your online presence and what you put out for content. Your posts should not only be informative and promotional, they should also show your audience the personal side of your business, the faces behind the brand, and why your business is different than the rest.


We recommend choosing 2-3 fonts for your online content and only using those fonts. This creates a consistency between your content postings with text which creates a familiarity with your brand for your followers. Choose one main font that is easy to read and can be used in many different ways that can be used for headlines and important information. Then, choose a script font they you can use to add a little flare to your branded content! Make sure the script is easy to read and compliments your main font well.

If you want to throw a third font into the mix, make sure it compliments your main and script fonts!


Choose 4-6 colours to represent your online brand. To tie your in salon branding vibe to your online brand aesthetic, choose colors that are found in your salon. When choosing colors, decide what you want the overall feel of your online brand to be. Maybe it’s soft and feminine and you use light colours that create a sense of calm, or maybe your salon has more of an industrial design and you incorporate darker colors that emote an edgy feel in your online brand. Whatever your salon vibe, make sure the colors you choose for your online brand evoke the feel you want your salon to portray.


If you’re looking to add some texture and dimension to your page, you can incorporate a few of your favorite patterns or backgrounds into your content. If you want to keep it clean and cohesive, choose 2-3 patterns or backgrounds that you stick to. This will provide a nice flow to your online channels.

We've got TONS of font, color schemes, design and pattern inspo in our FREE Brand Building S.O.S Workbook so make sure to download yours to help you get started!


To save yourself time and stress, create templates on Canva for each type of post you make. Having a template ready to go for things like promotions, product features, client reviews, tips and tricks, etc. can make creating content in batches a breeze!


Create a voice for your brand that shines through in every caption. If your business has multiple owners, come up with a branded voice that speaks for all of you in your online presence. This branded personality should come across crystal clear in every online interaction so your audience knows exactly what to expect which in turn builds trust. If you want to learn more about authenticity on social media, check out this blog post!


Now that you have an aesthetically pleasing online business brand, plan for a successful execution! Schedule your posts, create content in batches, keep an eye on the visual flow of your online channels and engage, engage, engage!

It is not imperative for your social media pages to have the perfect, planned layout where everything is perfectly consistent visually BUT it is imperative to stay consistent with your business’s online presence. This means providing value through content regularly, keeping info fresh and up to date and engaging with audience often.

Once you have a solid game plan for how your online presence will LOOK, you can concentrate on how you want it to FEEL. You want your audience to immediately recognize your brand when they see something you put out online, and the value that you provide in that will help harbor trust.

Whether you’ve established the online branding aesthetic for your salon or this is a brand new (pun intended!) concept for you, we encourage you to download our FREE Brand Builder S.O.S Workbook to create a vision board for your online branding.

This freebie is a great, easy way to put together a gorgeous brand plan that accurately depicts your salon online. It can also be used to help your team create a personal online brand that compliments your salon!

We’d love to see your revamped or new branding game plan, tag us in your posts on social @salon.s.o.s

‘Til next time,

Your Team at Salon S.O.S

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