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Does Your Salon Need To Be On YouTube? Yes, and Here's Why.

Video marketing is KING in the digital age we are living in, and YouTube is an incredible platform to house your salon’s promotional and educational video content. YouTube is an amazing digital marketing tool for salon owners to have in their online tool box as it is easy to upload and organize your video content for your audience to easily navigate and enjoy. In this blog, we’re going to teach you how to utilize YouTube to elevate your online presence and grow your salon business!

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Video is the best way to portray a genuine message to your audience. Because customer service and client relationships are so important in the salon, it is especially important to build rapport online with potential guests before they step foot in the salon. Because YouTube is the largest and most popular video streaming platform, you can be sure that your guests, potential clients, and team members alike will be able to easily find and view your content.

There are countless ways that you can use video content to portray the message you are putting out. Whether that message is promotional, educational, inspirational, or entertaining, video is the best way to capture your audience's attention. We’re going to give you some great ideas on how to best use videos on YouTube in your salon’s marketing plan!

Video Ideas For You Salon's YouTube Channel

One way that you can utilize a YouTube channel for your salon is by creating “Playlists” of content for your audience to check our before or after their salon visit! Here’s just a few ideas of video content you can create that will benefit your audience and grow your salon business online!

How To’s & Tutorials

Hair styling tutorials, makeup look tutorials, how to recreate a look, how to use a specific hot tool, etc.

Product Promotions

Video of current salon retail promotions, how to use styling products at home, product benefits and key ingredients, featured products, etc.

Tip & Tricks

Styling tricks, healthy hair tips, tips for maintaining hair colour, at home maintenance tips, etc.

Step by Step

Walk your audience through every step of the hair or hair esthetic services you offer in your salon spa, cleaning procedures step by step, consultation step by step, etc.

Videos are not only great to educate and attract clientele, it’s also a great way to inform, inspire, and motivate your salon team! We recommend setting up a private YouTube Channel for your team to check out so your regular audience can't access it. Here’s a few ideas of ways you can utilize videos on YouTube for your team to have access to.

Technique Tutorials

Are you showing stylists on your team the same technique over and over again? Create a playlist of videos showing popular technique tutorials and how to’s! You can organize them so it is incredibly easy to navigate and acts as a great digital resource for training your team.

Retail Tips

Post videos with tips and tricks on how to retail without feeling “salesy”. You may also consider creating retail challenge videos that you send to your team to incentivize specific product sales!

Personal Development Recommendations

Create videos of motivational book, podcast or movie recommendations for your team to check out when they’re needing a pick me up or inspiration!


YouTube is an incredible platform that many salons have yet to utilize, so be ahead of the digital curve and create yours today! The more visibility you have online, the more likely potential clients will be able to find you. Not only that, but having an incredible resource library of videos for them to watch outside of their salon visit provides so much value and builds trust.

If you’re interested in taking the first step to reaping the digital benefits of a business YouTube channel for your salon, check out this informative guide!

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