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Create a Modern Salon Experience Using QR Codes!

From menus at restaurants to vaccination passports, QR codes are EVERYWHERE in 2022! Are you utilizing QR codes in your salon/spa?! If not, let us tell you why you should and how to do it! QR codes (or “quick response” codes) came on the scene in the mid 2000’s and have picked up steam in the last few years. The pandemic forced business owners and consumers to be aware of the amount of physical contact made, and QR codes are the perfect way to pass along info or complete a transaction with minimal contact. Your guests will also love the modern, digital touch! QR codes are SUPER simple to make and can be utilized in countless ways in your salon/spa. Check out this website to easily create your own QR code!

We’re going to start with the basics and talk printed marketing; business cards, posters, brochures etc. Popping a QR code on any and all of your printed marketing encourages people who see or receive it to engage digitally. This not only creates an awesome first impression of your salon business but also makes it super easy for them to follow through with an appointment booking or retail purchase! Here’s a few ideas: Business Cards Create a QR code for the landing page of your website and print it on your business cards. This way, when you hand out your card, the recipient can easily scan the code to see your work, contact you, or book an appointment! This is a super simple way to implement QR codes into your digital marketing game plan.

Posters When there is a promotion or feature happening in your salon, create a poster (we suggest using Canva!) and include a QR code that directs the customer to a landing page with more info! For example: if there is a retail promotion that your salon is running on a specific product line, create a poster stating the details of the sale and a QR code that links to a landing page of your choice. We suggest thinking outside the box and linking the QR code to a tutorial, how to video, detailed write up about the products, etc.

Welcome Packages If your salon offers welcome packages to new guests, ordering a digital coupon using a printed QR code is a great way to keep your guests coming back for more! We suggest printing business cards with a QR code that leads to a digital coupon for them to use at their next visit. Or perhaps you print stickers of this same digital coupon QR code that you stick on every welcome package bag! The opportunities are endless when it comes to digitally spicing up your welcome packages. Online Orders If you’re wanting to do something a little different for your online customer to thank them for their purchase, include a thank you card with a QR code for a digital coupon to use on their next online purchase. QR Codes in the Salon There are so many different ways that you can utilize QR codes in every area of your salon, and we’re going to tell you a few of our faves! Waiting Area

WIFI QR Code Print your WIFI QR code and place it somewhere in your waiting area to allow your guests to automatically connect to your salon wifi. Website Landing Page Pop a QR Code sticker or photo in your waiting area that directs your guests to your website so they can browse while the wait! Stylist Stations Stations are the perfect place to put QR codes for your guests to scan and scope out while they get their service done! You can get creative with how you display your QR code’s; print codes and display in a picture frame or print mirror stickers for you clients to easily scan! Add On's/A La Carte Menu Including a QR code that links directly to an online add on menu is a great way for your stylist’s and technician’s to increase their service ticket! It’s also a great way for your team to easily bring up and discuss add on services with their guests without feeling pushy. Coffee/Beverage Menu If your salon/spa offers beverages of any kind, create a QR code that links directly to your drinks menu so your clients can order easily. Stylist’s/Salon’s Instagram Page Having a QR code that links to your salon and/or service provider’s social media page allows your clients to easily check out and follow online. It’s super easy to find your Instagram QR Code- click here to find out how!

Front Desk

Loyalty Program

If your salon offers a Loyalty Rewards Program, you should definitely have a QR code scan to sign up and score points! Salon S.O.S creates beautiful, custom loyalty programs for salons and spas that uses QR code’s for sign up and stamps. To learn more about Loyalty S.O.S or to request a free demo, click here!

Leave a Review Encourage your salon guests to leave an online review by having a QR code linked to your review page at your front desk. It’s super easy to ask your clients for a positive review when you’re ringing them through if they can easily scan to access your review page!

And finally, we dive into ways we love to utilize QR codes digitally to promote your salon or spa. Digital Referral Provide your clients with a digital QR code referral discount. They can store this picture in their photo albums and show it off to anyone they’re referring to your salon! We suggest offering a referral promo of sorts to further encourage new bookings- perhaps a small discount to use at their first appointment! Email Newsletter When it comes to email newsletters, QR code’s can be utilized in a few different ways! You can have a printed code for your guests to scan in salon to sign up or your can include a code that leads to a discount, promotion or feature in your newsletter. In conclusion; We’ve given you tons of ideas of how to implement QR codes in your salon/spa and we challenge you to try out at least one of the above recommendations! The sky is the limit when it comes to using QR codes in your salon’s digital marketing plan and we can’t wait to see how you utilize them! Tag us on social if you have any other amazing QR code ideas or if you use any of our suggestions from this blog post. We’re on Instagram @salon.s.o.s - make sure to follow for your daily dose of all things digital marketing! ‘Til next time, The Team at Salon S.O.S

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