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This video has been deleted.

Four one-hour modules that you can watch on your own time

Re-watch as many times as you need

Only 15$

Bring your business to the next level! 

1. Generate referrals from new clients through social media

  • We will show you a proven method to build a clientele quickly

  • A 4-step process to maximize your photo shoots and social media posts to attract more costumers


2. Use digital technology to improve and simplify communication with your clients

  • Better communication = a happier, more engaged and loyal customer.

  • Automate certain communications to simplify your life


3. Get found on page # 1 of Google

  • Did you know that the first link shown by Google in a search receives 33% of clicks and that links on page # 2 receive only 1%?

  • Learn about the key elements of SEO, including links and keywords, as well as tips for getting to page # 1 in Google searches.


4. Fill your appointment calendar while sleeping

  • Maximize Facebook, Instagram and Google ads to generate new appointments for your salon

Extremely affordable!

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