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Welcome to your online learning center! 

​Choose the education or resources you need to help grow your salon business.  Digital marketing for salon owners is not easy - you often don't have the time or the expertise. We are here to help make salon marketing easier!​

Salon SOS website

Learning modules that you can watch on your own time

Re-watch as many times as you need

A variety of content to suit your needs

Extremely affordable!

Online education for salons

Do you want to learn the digital marketing PRIORITIES that will really grow your business? You don't have to be an expert and do it all, we know you don't have the time. But we can help you focus on the MOST IMPORTANT aspects that will have the greatest impact.

Presented by Scott Moon | Founder of Salon S.O.S

unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence for your salon

Do you want to learn more about digital trends for your business?

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